Pepper Pairie Fire

Bonsai Style:


Age / growth cycle:

All 4 years old, in full fruit


The group

A pepper prairie fire group, all fruiting. The middle plant is a slightly different variety and produces various colours of chillis.

Front Shot:

2014-05-10 10.24.00


2014-05-10 10.24.19


2014-05-10 10.24.34


2014-05-10 10.24.11


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As its been indoors its whole life, its been (regularly) manually pollinated.

Its planted a clay coloured boat pot (very unique) .... unfortunately it was near impossible to find a drip tray that was the same shape / colour ... hopefully you can find one ! ... Nonetheless, there is a plastic drip tray that I have used (it captures all the drips), which I will supply with it.

Its in a mix of John Innes - as recommended and used by leading bonsai experts); Akadama ( Japanese soil ) - for free drainage,high air content, water retention; and kyodama - for superior water retention, great root development (and can also help keep slugs snails and root aphids away).

Please note that we do not recommend delivery of the plants we sell, ideally we'd prefer collection as they can be quite delicate. However, if delivery is selected, we will package it as follows (hence the cost): 1. We'll tie the base (pot) down to a cardboard base which meets / near meets the size of the base of the box to try to prevent it from moving around - and then well take a picture of it. 2. We'll Place the Plant in the bottom of the box - and then well take a picture of it. 3. We'll fill the box with packing foam to try to support the plant as much as possible - and then well take a picture of it. 4. We'll tape it up - and then well take a picture of it. 5. We'll send it by recorded, tracked courier delivery and send you the tracking details (and all of the pictures we took). We will not take any responsibility for damage caused during transit.